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The Pros and Cons of Staging

There have been mixed reviews about “staging”-designing your property to appeal to potential buyers-and whether or not it is as beneficial as people make it out to be. At Dalin Financial, we have seen many successes from staging, but for you to see if it’s going to be beneficial for you, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of staging…

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4 Steps for Buying an Investment Property

Step 1: Locate a Deal   
There are many of ways to locate an investment property and sadly, none are easy due to the heightened interest of real estate investing.  Whether you know a local wholesaler, are buying through a Realtor or sourcing a deal yourself, one thing remains constant: speed is important for many sellers.

Step 2: Analyze the Metrics 
Depending on your goals, it makes…

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Bridge Loans

What is a bridge loan?

In general, a loan that has a term of days to a few years is called a bridge loan. It applies to many uses of the loan proceeds including real estate rehab loans, purchasing a new home, equipment purchases and debt consolidation.

Private money lenders provide many types of bridge loans. In the real estate investment market…

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Yard

Your yard is an important aesthetic to your property.  Whether it is the back yard or front, the greenery around your home adds value and all the more reason to take good care of it.  Real estate investors should also keep this in mind when committing to projects.  A nice front yard not only serves as the first image in…

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