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Real Estate Investors Should Prepare for a Shift in Housing Market

Source: Multi-Family Real Estate Forecast: 2014-2020, Forbes.com

Forbes contributor and economist Bill Conerly believes a major shift from multi-family properties to single-family properties is headed towards the real estate industry with the growing demographic of young renters.

Conerly argues that the housing market will change similarly to the market between the 1970s and 1980s when the population of young adults searching for…

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The Upside to Real Estate Investing, Part 2

Following up Part 1 of this series, I highlight a key market force that will support local real estate investing in the near future… oversupply.

While I know that it may feel like it is hard to find strong deals in your market these days, this is not because of a lack of deals.   According to RealtyTrac, there are currently more…

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Gold (kind of) in Them Hills

This past week, I came across this article in philly.com….

In it, real estate writer for philly.com, Alan Heavens touts Philadelphia as the next Brooklyn and quotes Brooklyn transplant and local realtor, Chris Plant throughout. I wanted to re-post as there are a few things to note for the local real estate investor.

1. Ever since the New York Times termed Philadelphia…

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The Upside to Real Estate Investing, Part 1

Most people reading this article are well aware that we are living in a unique time.  The global economy has been struggling for some time now; the US economy nearly ground to a halt in 2008; European countries have either been bailed out or have been on the brink of bailout.  The job situation is VERY GRADUALLY improving.  The mortgage…

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