Forms & Docs

This contains all items that need to be filled out in order for us to evaluate each borrower. Please ensure you submit all required items on “application checklist” in order to expedite the process.

Click Here to download.
Itemized list of everything we need sent into our office in order to complete underwriting.    Click Here to Download.
This must be filled out as completely as possible otherwise your application may be delayed. For brokers, you may also use a 1003 standardized loan application form.    Click Here to Download.
This is a financial blue-print for the applicant and must be filled out completely or your loan application may be delayed.     PDF version     XLS version
If you own investment properties, we require this spreadsheet filled out as complete as possible and returned to us.    Click Here to Download.
Stand-alone credit authorization form. If requested, please print, fill out with your SS#, date of birth and address and send back to our office.    Click Here to Download.
This is a required component for underwriting and also after the loan is funded in order to process a draw-request. Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible. You may also include your contractor estimate and/or draw schedule (if otherwise provided).    Click Here to Download.
Post-closing form that must be filled out and returned to our office in order to receive your construction money. All our draws are send by wire transfer directly to the borrower.    Click Here to Download.

For more information on this please refer to our Draw Process.
It is common that we will require this form filled out by the contractor for each phase of work that is completed prior to sending out your requested rehab funds.    Click Here to Download

For more information on this form, call our office or go to Contact Us.