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Budgeting for Your First Investment Property

Investing in real estate is no easy task. You must take many factors into consideration before placing an offer to purchase. Many investors cannot afford to purchase an investment property for cash, which is why they turn to direct lenders and banks to leverage the cash they have on hand to budget for the hard and soft costs of the project…

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Construction Loans

When applying for any loan, it is important to be organized and quick to deliver all required items to the lender so they can expedite your deal through the application process.  Remember, brokers, underwriting staff and private lenders are trained to see through your financial blueprint and find the potential problem areas and inquire about them.  With construction loans, the…

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4 Steps for Buying an Investment Property

Step 1: Locate a Deal   
There are many of ways to locate an investment property and sadly, none are easy due to the heightened interest of real estate investing.  Whether you know a local wholesaler, are buying through a Realtor or sourcing a deal yourself, one thing remains constant: speed is important for many sellers.

Step 2: Analyze the Metrics 
Depending on your goals, it makes…

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