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Celebrity Real Estate Investors

Real estate investing is a great business opportunity for many and that doesn’t exclude some A list celebrities.  Below are a few celebrities you may not have known have some experience as real estate investors. Check it out!

Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi, world renowned tennis star, has worked with Stefanie Graf and Exclusive Resorts to create some very luxurious vacation destinations including…

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What Is A Lien?

A lien is a claim on a property that is usually issued by a bank or lender when an individual defaults on their payments.  Liens secure properties as collateral until the unpaid debt or incomplete services are dealt with. Real estate investors should be aware of this practice and be careful when approaching liens because when a property is purchased…

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A Brief United States World Cup History

Soccer may be one of the least popular sports in the United States for a variety of reasons.  Many Americans enjoy the more sensationalist sports with high scores such as basketball and football. Americans don’t appreciate the ‘diving’ which is essentially when a player fakes a foul or injury to draw a call.  Another reason may be the lack of…

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Housing Market Not Quite Off to the Races

Source: U.S. Home Sales Up, but Still Slow, Associated Press via Philly.com

2014 was off to a sluggish start due to a variety of factors one mainly being the tough weather conditions discouraging home buyers and delaying the Spring selling season.

However, it seems that the housing market is making a rebound, but not quite as strong as people would hope for.  Housing sales…

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