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Gold (kind of) in Them Hills

This past week, I came across this article in philly.com….

In it, real estate writer for philly.com, Alan Heavens touts Philadelphia as the next Brooklyn and quotes Brooklyn transplant and local realtor, Chris Plant throughout. I wanted to re-post as there are a few things to note for the local real estate investor.

1. Ever since the New York Times termed Philadelphia…

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Dalin Financial is pushing towards the holiday season and offering (for a limited time) the following discounts if you close a loan before the end of the 3rd quarter:

WAIVED Appraisal  {normally $350.00}
HALF-PRICE inspection fees {normally $150.00/ea}

As always, we strive for fast loan origination and quick draw reimbursements for ALL our loans.  Call us today to start a new application for…

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