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Dalin Financial is pushing towards the holiday season and offering (for a limited time) the following discounts if you close a loan before the end of the 3rd quarter:

WAIVED Appraisal  {normally $350.00}
HALF-PRICE inspection fees {normally $150.00/ea}

As always, we strive for fast loan origination and quick draw reimbursements for ALL our loans.  Call us today to start a new application for…

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Contractor Woes – Some Ways To Help Manage Your Crew

Time and time again we see and hear the same story…  “The contractor came in, took our deposit, did some work, and never returned.”  If you’re lucky, licenses and inspections department will complicate the situation 10-fold by showing up in the nick of time to put a stop-work order on the front door – At least, in Philadelphia, this seems…

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