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Housing Market Not Quite Off to the Races

Housing Market Not Quite Off to the Races

Source: U.S. Home Sales Up, but Still Slow, Associated Press via Philly.com

2014 was off to a sluggish start due to a variety of factors one mainly being the tough weather conditions discouraging home buyers and delaying the Spring selling season.

However, it seems that the housing market is making a rebound, but not quite as strong as people would hope for.  Housing sales were up in April but Americans are still purchasing homes at a slower rate than 2013.

Demand for new homes seems to be the most contributing factor for the slow growth of the market and sales of new homes are running at approximately half the rate of a healthy real estate market.

Dalin Financial believes real estate investors should remain optimistic because weather conditions will only improve as the year approaches the warmer seasons and likely create a strong rebound in property investing after the initial slow start.

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